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One of the largest private dairies in India, Hatsun retails dairy products domestically while also exporting across 38 countries globally.


Hatsun traditionally distributed their dairy products through a network of dealers who stocked and sold milk across urban and rural masses. These distribution centres were owned by franchisees and hardly provided space for the brand to showcase its flavour. Moreover, from a dairy only store, Hatsun Distribution Centres were looking to distribute agro - food products too. Hence, Hatsun required branding that would be in line with their new positioning.


To cater to a wider audience, Hatsun needed to brand their distribution centers and alter their current positioning and mindshare. One MG came up with a communication strategy that would start right from rebranding the Hatsun Distribution Centers and go all the way to create the entire look and feel of these outlets and promote the brand across the vicinity of the outlet.



  • A new brand identity was created for Hatsun Daily to embody the concept of wholesome goodness.
  • The logo signified goodness wrapped around the arm and presented to the consumer with care. The arm was represented in the form of a milk splash, suggesting that the brand retailed milk products. Within the circle of the splash, different agroproducts were connoted with different leaves in green.

  • One MG standardized the entire visual philosophy across Hatsun Daily stores, constructed in formats of 100 and 200 sq feet.
  • While developing their visual language, we had to ensure exposure for the new range of products alongside the best sellers for better consumer attention.

BTL Collaterals

BTL Collaterals

  • One MG developed a communication strategy to enable reach of the brand across socio-economic classes.
  • Multiple BTL activations including door to door activities, apartment based activities, and look walker activities, were organized.

  • Marketing collaterals in English, Hindi, Tamil, Marathi, Telugu and Kannada were designed and developed around the availability of a completely new range of products offered through an enhanced retail experience.