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CURA healthcare is a fast growing, Radiographic Imaging Solutions provider. Offering a range of digital imaging solutions across India and abroad, CURA deals with products ranging from Digital Radiography Systems (DR), CT Scanners, MRI Systems, Mammography Systems, Bone Mineral Densitometers (BMD) and Imaging Software solutions.


CURA‘s competitors including GE, Siemens, and Philips have heavy marketing budgets and flood the market with periodic communication across all mediums. CURA, however, could not afford to spend the same amount of money but still had to remain on the Top of The Mind of a radiologist.


We created a unique communication campaign that targeted the pain points that the professionals faced but had learned to live with. The communication was designed to shock and awe the radiologist, thereby etching the CURA brand in their heads. Besides this campaign, we were involved in developing the marketing and positioning strategy, media planning and product promotions.

Integrated Marketing

Integrated Marketing

  • We embarked on an integrated marketing and communication strategy through multiple channels to target a spectrum of stakeholders including decision makers and influencers, with targeted messaging for each stakeholder.
  • The target audience of the brand cut across multi-customer segments to include diagnostic labs, small to large hospitals and clinics, each of whom had different priorities and expectations.
  • A secondary research was undertaken to understand the pain points of all the professionals involved, following which a campaign was designed that addressed these problem areas through the channels of print, digital, events, outdoor and direct marketing.
  • Email campaigns for doctors, technical staff, hospital and diagnostic centre owners were developed with 3 different communications. All the emailers led to different landing pages which spoke exclusively to that stakeholder and provided information vis-a-vis their personal profile.