Background: Hatsun is the largest private dairy in India with a market capitalisation of 4000 Cr. Oyalo is a frozen food brand of Hatsun, launched across the Hatsun distribution centers. Challenge: Hatsun, was entering into a new territory – frozen foods. Having built great supply chain capabilities across dairy cold chain distribution, Hatsun wanted to [...]

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Atlab Stem Academy

Background: Atlab is a leading education training and learning service provider based in Dubai. Atlab partnered with some of the pioneers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) solutions to engineer a curriculum that caters to the needs of Indian education system. Challenge: STEM education as a concept was new to India. The challenge was [...]

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Background: Stylori is one of the top 5 online jewelry stores in India. Backed by the 600 Cr NAC Jewellers, Stylori has pan India presence, they sell affordable, gold and diamond jewelry. Stylori also sells gold coins and loose diamonds. Challenge: With increasing dependence on online shopping, Stylori was launched to cater to the everyday [...]

Take Me 2 The World

0Background: Take Me 2 The World, is a New Zealand based Travel and Tour Company. They primarily have 2 main target destinations – India and New Zealand. Challenge: To Indians, the brand sold customised tours across New Zealand and for New Zealanders, they sell custom tours to India. The Indian entity was called Take Me [...]

TICVF 2013

Background: The International Commercial Vehicle Fair is India's first ever automotive fair dedicated to the commercial vehicles segment. The fair would showcase the most comprehensive range of Commercial Vehicles, Equipment, components, accessories and the latest trends in technology, to the vibrant and diverse cross section of users, fleet operators and decision makers from the public [...]

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Background: Texas Fiesta is a Tex-Mex restaurant based in Chennai serving more Texan than Mexican cuisine. The restaurant owners wanted to establish this place as a fun filled, family restaurant that offers a slice of good old wild western life. Challenge: Chennai was not familiar with Tex-Mex cuisine and hence were reluctant to try. However, [...]

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Background: Speed Freaks is an award winning car audio installation company based in Chennai. Having won a lot of car audio installation competitions, Speed Freaks enjoyed a reputation of being a technically sound audio installation company. Largely young, college going population frequents Speed Freaks to customise their car audio as well as their cars styling. [...]

Jak Communication

Background: Jak communication is a cable television service provider based in Chennai. Jak provides cable television access and internet access through high speed optical cable lines. Challenge: Jak was penetrating into a highly saturated and established cable television market with digital cable access to consumers. Although the market was saturated, most consumers were using analog [...]

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Background: Charioteer is an impact investment fund. Charioteer identifies social organisations who better the livelihood of people below the poverty line and invest funds of investors and corporate in these organisations. Challenge: Lord Krishna as the Charioteer, leads, guides, mentors and develops the warrior in Arjuna, without himself participating in the battle. As financial partners, [...]

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La shaakahari

Background: La Shaakahari is a restaurant based in Chennai serving world vegetarian cuisine. Unlike other restaurants in Chennai, La Shaakahari gave a plethora of choice to the vegetarian diners (largely women and kids). Challenge: To communicate the unique proposition of the restaurant – A Vegetarian restaurant serving world cuisine. The communication had to stand out [...]

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