Hatsun Daily

Background: Hatsun is the largest private dairy in India. With a market captalisation of 4000 Cr, Hatsun retails dairy products domestically and also exports across 38 countries globally. Challenge: Hatsun traditionally distributed their dairy products through a network of dealers who stocked and sold milk across urban and rural masses. These distribution centers were owned [...]

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Background: Robolytics is a US based robotic company, it has created and deployed autonomous mobile robots that increase efficiency, reduce operating costs and enable employees to apply their skills to the highest possible purpose. These robots have been designed to operate in major medical facilities, commercial and industrial settings. Challenge: Robolytics was launching in India [...]

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Take Solutions

Background: TAKE is a global technology solutions and service provider, with significant focus across two principal business areas – Life Sciences and Supply Chain Management. Challenge: Take Solutions were transcending into cloud computing business - Take 10, hence required a website that will help them market their new product. They also mandated us to make [...]

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