Background: Hatsun is the largest private dairy in India with a market capitalisation of 4000 Cr. Oyalo is a frozen food brand of Hatsun, launched across the Hatsun distribution centers. Challenge: Hatsun, was entering into a new territory – frozen foods. Having built great supply chain capabilities across dairy cold chain distribution, Hatsun wanted to [...]

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Hatsun Daily

Background: Hatsun is the largest private dairy in India. With a market captalisation of 4000 Cr, Hatsun retails dairy products domestically and also exports across 38 countries globally. Challenge: Hatsun traditionally distributed their dairy products through a network of dealers who stocked and sold milk across urban and rural masses. These distribution centers were owned [...]

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Background: Texas Fiesta is a Tex-Mex restaurant based in Chennai serving more Texan than Mexican cuisine. The restaurant owners wanted to establish this place as a fun filled, family restaurant that offers a slice of good old wild western life. Challenge: Chennai was not familiar with Tex-Mex cuisine and hence were reluctant to try. However, [...]

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Background: Speed Freaks is an award winning car audio installation company based in Chennai. Having won a lot of car audio installation competitions, Speed Freaks enjoyed a reputation of being a technically sound audio installation company. Largely young, college going population frequents Speed Freaks to customise their car audio as well as their cars styling. [...]


Background: Charioteer is an impact investment fund. Charioteer identifies social organisations who better the livelihood of people below the poverty line and invest funds of investors and corporate in these organisations. Challenge: Lord Krishna as the Charioteer, leads, guides, mentors and develops the warrior in Arjuna, without himself participating in the battle. As financial partners, [...]

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Green Trends

Background: Green Trends Hair & Style Salons are pioneers in offering full range of grooming solutions for value conscious consumers. Green Trends is owned by Trends In Vogue Pvt. Ltd., a CavinKare Group company. Challenge: Green Trends being in the sub premium hair salon category faces intense competition both online and offline from various competitors [...]

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Background: 7Sports is a Chennai based sports retailer popular for its wide range of pro-sport equipment. Their client includes national and regional athletics and sportsmen. Challenge:  7 Sports wanted a website that will not only communicate that they stock pro sports equipment, but also act as a community portal for all sports enthusiast, providing information [...]

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Background: iCASHCARD is a prepaid card approved by RBI, which functions similar to Debit/Credit cards, developed and marketed by GI Technology, part of GI Retail Private Limited, a $375 Million group company. Pre-Paid Card model was devised to reach millions of Indian customers, who do not have the access to Credit Card. Challenge: To create [...]

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Royal Splendour

Background: Royal Splendour Developers Pvt. Ltd. is a real estate company based in Chennai, they have properties both in commercial as well as residential space across various locations in South India. Challenge: Royal Splendour Developers wanted to rebrand themselves to cater to much larger and up market clientele. They also wanted to attract better investment opportunities. [...]

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