TICVF 2013

Background: The International Commercial Vehicle Fair is India's first ever automotive fair dedicated to the commercial vehicles segment. The fair would showcase the most comprehensive range of Commercial Vehicles, Equipment, components, accessories and the latest trends in technology, to the vibrant and diverse cross section of users, fleet operators and decision makers from the public [...]

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Background: Speed Freaks is an award winning car audio installation company based in Chennai. Having won a lot of car audio installation competitions, Speed Freaks enjoyed a reputation of being a technically sound audio installation company. Largely young, college going population frequents Speed Freaks to customise their car audio as well as their cars styling. [...]


Background: Kabbs is a pet spa and boutique based in Chennai. Kabbs, besides providing spa treatments and massages for dogs, also merchandise pet food and accessories. Challenge: To sensitise the need for a pet spa & boutique and to create a brand that resonated with a pet owner. The brand wanted to portray themselves as [...]


Background: 7Sports is a Chennai based sports retailer popular for its wide range of pro-sport equipment. Their client includes national and regional athletics and sportsmen. Challenge:  7 Sports wanted a website that will not only communicate that they stock pro sports equipment, but also act as a community portal for all sports enthusiast, providing information [...]

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Background: 1pointsix18 (1.618), is an interior design company based in Gurgoan. 1pointsix18 provides end to end solutions in the domain of interior design; from planning to implementation. Challenge: 1pointsix18’ or 1.618 is a felicitous middle ground between, any two extremes that is aesthetically most pleasing. Otherwise called as the golden proportion, across arts, architecture and [...]

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Background: VGP Universal Kingdom has been synonymous with boundless excitement, fun and one of a kind themed experience for over 35 years now. It was VGP who introduced the concept of amusement park in India, way back in 1975. The park attracts an impressive footfall of 1.2 million people annually and in summer alone half [...]

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